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"How To Virtually Guarantee Professional Parking Lot Striping And Pavement Marking That Will Last!"

Do you own or manage a commercial office building, commercial retail center, restaurant, apartment building, church, or HOA?

Are you looking for new parking lot striping, re-striping or need additional pavement marking like directional arrows, stenciling, curb painting, speed bump painting, fire lane marking or additional handicap spacing?

While parking lot striping may seem like a simple job that doesn't require serious vetting of contractors, it can be quite the opposite.

We've been in the parking lot installation and maintenance business for over 15 years and during that time, we've hired numerous parking lot striping contractors to stripe parking lots after completing new installations or re-striping after a fresh coat of sealer was applied, and we learned the hard way... not all parking lot striping companies are equal!

To get into the line striping business is really pretty easy. Buy a line striping machine, some line marking paint, set up a website and you're in business.

Now, that's not meant to demean the good, honest striping and pavement marking contractors out there... not at all. There are some very honest, hard working folks in the striping business who have invested a lot of time into continuing education, classes and experience. But because it is so simple to get into the parking lot striping business, there are many striping contractors that start up with little or no experience, little training, little or no operating capital and within months or even just weeks, they're out of business! They're here today and gone tomorrow leaving many property owners with poor work and non existent warranties!

So hiring the right contractor to stripe your parking lot is an extremely important part of the process!

The truth is, parking lot striping contractors must be familiar with current fire code and ADA compliance specifications whether it's a new striping layout or re-striping an existing layout. All it takes is one visit from fire code inspectors, a complaint by a handicapped person or an ADA inspector, and you could be facing hundreds of dollars in fines!

Many property owners, managers, HOA's and retail businesses hire striping or marking contractors based on price and a perception that they're a quality compnay, but forget or neglect to consider experience, expertise and quality!

What good is a cheap striping job if it lasts just a few months when a quality striping job can last up to 2 to 3 years?

What good does a cheap striping job do if your parking lot line striping is not within code and you end up paying large fines from hiring an inexperienced striping contractor just because of their low price?

Worse... what good is a cheap parking lot striping or pavement marking job if the contractor just rips you off with a job that lasts just a few months?

Common Ways Parking Lot Striping Contractors Will Short Us:

Water Based Latex Traffic Marking Paint

Watering down and diluting the paint to get more coverage with less material to increase their profits!

Solvent Based Traffic Marking Paint

Diluting solvent based paint with gasoline and thinners to get more coverage with less material to increase their profits!

And one of the worst disservices:

Some contractors will dilute the paint against manufacturers specifications AND apply it so thin that not only does it not last, but it flakes and chips off within a matter of months or even weeks!

As a matter of fact, diluting the paint is one of the most common striping scams out there!

Compare These Pictures Of Parking Lot Striping Below:

This HOA had a striping contractor re-stripe all of the parking stalls, re-paint the hashing areas and re-paint the handicap spaces.

The picture of this parking stall was taken
approximately 1 week after being painted.

Poor parking lot striping

Here's the same line only 4 months later!

Poor parking lot striping 4 months later

In some areas you can hardly tell the lines were even re-striped! Not only was the paint watered down but the paint wasn't applied thick enough or heavy enough to even last!

Now all striping will fade and even sometimes flake and chip off depending on the quality of the application beneath it and the amount of traffic on the parking lot, but quality line striping by a professional striper should not look like this only after 4 months!

Just look at this handicap emblem

Handicap space re-painted.

Poor Pavement marking - Handicap emblem

Here's the same emblem only 4 months later!

Poor Pavement marking 4 months later - Handicap emblem