Paver Installation FAQ’s

We’re in the midst of compiling our permeable paver parking lot installation FAQs. Please help us help you by asking a question in the comments box below!
We’ll answer your question as quickly as possible!

  • Elizabeth Warner

    What kind of parking stripe paint is recommended for concrete paver parkeing lots and how often does it need to be repainted?

  • Dave

    How much base material of crushed concrete should I use with a 2″ cement/stone paver?

    • patmatt


      Thats a very broad question. What type of installation are we talking about? A parking lot, a sidewalk, a patio?

      • Dave

        This is a 22 space parking lot for an Architect’s office, we are using a 2-3/8″ 4×8 concrete paver laid in a herring bone fashion.