Gravel Maintenance FAQ’s

We’re in the midst of compiling our gravel parking lot maintenance FAQs.
Please help us help you by asking a question in the comments box below!
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  • Fr. David

    What is the best way to address pot holes that are developing in our gravel parking lot?
    How do I deal with the pine needles and deteriorated leaves that make the surface unattractive and muddy?

  • Diane Zimmerman

    When is it time to add more gravel?  How frequently should new gravel be added?

  • Normhamlow

    We have a hard packed gravel parking lot at our church in the Northwest – meaning winter time has many days where it is wet.  Looking for a good method to mark the parking lanes.  Currently using the polyethylene pink whiskers driven in with a large spike, using 4 per lane.  Thinking of adding 4 more per lane.  Any other ideas?