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"How To Virtually Guarantee Professional Asphalt Parking Lot Repair And Sealcoating That Will Last!"

Do you own or manage a commercial office building, commercial retail center, restaurant, apartment building, church, or HOA?

It's no secret that one of the keys to higher occupancy rates, the best paying tenants and more visitors is a well maintained and well groomed parking lot!

Think about it... what's the first thing people see when visitors pull up to a business, church or residential complex?

The parking lot!

If the parking lot has potholes, failed areas, the striping is faded and the entire parking lot just looks old worn out and ugly, that's a direct reflection on the tenants, business owners and homeowners. The cleaner and sharper the parking lot is, the more customers. The cleaner and sharper the parking lot is, the better the tenants. The cleaner and sharper the parking lot is, the more pride homeowners and renters have in their property. The cleaner and sharper the parking lot is, the more appealing it is to visitors. It just makes sense to have the first thing people see looking the best!

And hiring the right contractor to provide quality asphalt repair, maintenance or sealcoating services is an extremely important part of the process!

Did you know asphalt repair and sealcoating industry is one of the most fraudulent industries in the country? There's little or virtually zero regulation of asphalt parking lot repair and sealing. Asphalt Sealing Scams scams can be found just about everywhere!And yes... unfortunately even in and around the Lake County area!

There is little or virtually no regulation of the asphalt repair and maintenance industry. More people get burned by unethical and inexperienced asphalt repair and asphalt sealcoating companies than just about any other industry out there!

And the worst part is... most people don't even realize it until it's much too late!


Think about it... to get into the asphalt repair or asphalt sealcoating business, there's not a tremendous amount of specialized knowledge required and there's not a large up front investment required, especially if the contractor is renting their equipment. Just about anyone can start an asphalt repair and/or asphalt sealcoating business.

Now, that's not meant to demean the good and honest asphalt repair companies out there... not at all. There are some honest, hard working folks in this business. But it's just to point out that a person must do their due diligence when hiring an asphalt repair or sealcoating company. It's very easy to wind up hiring the wrong contractor!

Some companies will also go without general liability insurance or workers compensation insurance which then allows them to cut their prices, outbidding the honest and ethical companies who DO carry insurance. They'll them perform the work but then fall way short on quality. The next thing you know, it's only a year or two later and the work they did has to be done AGAIN!

How many times have you had your parking lot sealcoated and within a year or so it's already faded and needs to be sealed once again?

How many times have you had asphalt patching or repairs done and within a few months to a year, it's already cracking and breaking apart?

How do they do it?
How do they continually get away with this?

They offer low, tempting prices that are hard to say no to! And understandably so... we all want to save money don't we? Most people love to get a great deal, but when it comes to asphalt repair and sealcoating on a parking lot, the long term effects can be much more damaging than beneficial!

Unfortunately if the parking lot repair or the parking lot sealcoating is done improperly, in the end, we can end up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just fixing their mistakes.

Common Ways Asphalt Repair Companies Will Short Us:

asphalt infrared patching by professional asphalt repair companies

Asphalt Patching

Patching over areas where the asphalt should be removed and replaced. Instead, they'll either repair these areas with an infrared patching machine, or they'll apply a thin layer of new asphalt over the area (also known as a "skin patch") which will not withstand normal wear and tear. These types of patch jobs over areas that should be removed and replaced usually fail within a couple of months or sometimes even weeks!

They're simply just band-aid patch jobs that will last just long enough for the contractor to get paid and get out of there!

asphalt crack sealing being performed by an expert asphalt repair contractor

Asphalt Crack Sealing

Some companies will perform asphalt crack sealing services with products not meant for asphalt and do absolutely nothing to prevent water from penetrating them. This ends up causing further damage to the asphalt in the future resulting in alligatoring, which then needs to be removed and replaced.

Common Ways Asphalt Sealcoating Companies Will Short Us:

Water Based Asphalt Sealcoating

Watering down and diluting asphalt emulsion and coal tar sealers way beyond manufacturer specifications to get more coverage and increase profits. This does absolutely nothing to protect your asphalt parking lot and probably one of the main reasons the last job faded so fast!

Oil Based Asphalt Sealing

Diluting oil based asphalt sealers with solvents, gasoline and thinners giving the illusion that the asphalt has been sealed when in reality... it's only been painted black! This also does absolutely nothing to protect your asphalt parking lot!

As a matter of fact, diluting the sealer, water or oil based, is one of the most common asphalt sealing scams out there!

Take A Look At The Pictures Below:

A parking lot sealed with water based asphalt sealer

asphalt sealcoating by expert asphalt companies

A parking lot sealed with an oil based asphalt sealer

oil based asphalt sealer on an asphalt parking lot

The parking lot on the left was sealed properly with water based sealer mixed to manufacturers specifications. The picture on the right was sealed with oil based sealer that was obviously diluted which is against manufacturers specifications.

And one of the worst disservices:

Some companies will recommend sealing and patching the parking lot when it should be either removed and replaced or in some cases, possibly overlayed. But instead they convince us that this lower cost option will be just fine and promise it will last much longer than it really will!

Take A Look At The Pictures Below:

An old worn out parking lot

worn out asphalt parking lot

An overpatched parking lot

old worn out asphalt parking lot

Both of these parking lots could easily fall into the hands of an asphalt contractor who's only goal is to line their pockets with your money!

And by the time you realize their "lower cost" option was really just a waste of money... they're long gone. And the warranty? If they had one... has ran out!

Imagine paying thousands of dollars to have your asphalt parking lot sealed, thinking you’re protecting it and extending the life of it, only to find out that instead, it did absolutely nothing except made the beat up parking lot look black again? What a disservice that is isn't it?

The unethical companies know that most people don't understand proper asphalt repair and sealing techniques that need to be done to ensure a good quality job. This makes it easy for them to take advantage of us. They know that when we ask them questions, they can simply reply with answers we want to hear, rather than giving us the honest answers.

They assure us they'll do a great job, but conveniently leave out the most important details! Then, when they perform the work, they cut corners to save time and money and increase their profits!

They know their work will last just long enough to outlive their warranty, and not as long as it should! And by the time we realize we received a bad job, they've already been paid and they're long gone!

We end up spending thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars repairing and maintaining their mistakes year, after year, after year!

We receive hundreds of questions and complaints from property owners from all over the country about unethical asphalt repair and sealcoating companies who do these very same things! We see the results of unethical parking lot repair advice day after day!

Unfortunately, the same problems occur with inexperienced companies too. While they may have good intentions, they cause more headaches and wasted money trying to fix their mistakes. Ultimately, it just ends up costing much more money in the long run.

Putting too much trust in an inexperienced contractor is just not worth it! Worse making the mistake of hiring an asphalt repair contractor or sealing company that ends up just ripping us off!

It's Just Not Worth The Risk Is It?

So just how does someone choose an asphalt repair contractor and be certain they have adequate experience? How does someone choose an asphalt repair company and be certain they're not going to mislead us? How can someone be sure that the asphalt repair contractor they want to hire hasn't ripped off other commercial property owners in the past? How can someone be sure the contractor they hire has the proper licensing to perform asphalt repair services? Is the contractor fully insured and is it in force at the time the work is being performed?How much does good, quality asphalt repair and sealcoating services cost?

Even more important: Is the contractor experienced enough to know how to manage a job to have the least amount of impact as possible on the businesses and homeowners while the work is being done?

These are all questions that most of us ask, but really have no way of knowing or verifying! To do such extensive background verification can require days of research, time and money. Unfortunately, with little or no knowledge of asphalt repair and asphalt sealcoating services, there's just no guarantee that the job will turn out right if you don't know what you're looking for

So What's The Solution?

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